Our Property

Monte do Além is located in Algarve, southern Portugal. The main characteristics of this region is the continuous summer sunshine, combined with the fresh night temperatures, due to its proximity with the Atlantic Ocean. It is here in 2002 that Vinciane, of Belgian nationality and for the love of this area, decided to plant 6 hectares of vines. In 2005, the winemaking process of the first grapes was carried out in the garage of the property.



Convinced that the key to making quality wines was to grow quality grapes, Vinciane immediately opted for organic farming. She treats her vines with love ! With respect for the soil and the well-being of consumers, no synthetic,  fungicide, insecticide or herbicide products are allowed on the property.



Working with healthy grapes in order to produce an authentic, distinctive and top quality wine : this is the Monte do Além approach. Vinciane has chosen the Ouroboros as emblem. Consequently, one finds it on the calçada of the adega. This emblem serves as a reminder that there is no one truth for the winemaker, only a never-ending quest for perfection based on the accumulation of knowledge acquired over centuries.