Our Philosophy

From the very start of the adventure, the challenge was to obtain organically grown fine grapes. Since 2015, and ten years after the first harvest, this objective has been reached. Monte do Além produces wines from hand-picked grapes, without acidity correction, without particle precipitation, unfiltered and with only the strict minimum of SO2 added. In other words, wines whose consumption are a plus to our health thanks to the good tannins and polyphenols they contain. The wines can also be barrel-aged so that one day we can appreciate their tertiary aromas.

These are the objectives we have set from the very beginning.

Vine growing is an ongoing quest. Rewards come when they are not necessarily expected, as mother nature is unpredictable. The winemaker, like a hunter on the look out, must keep watch at all times ; where organic farming is concerned, treatment of the vine is preventive. Virtually no curative treatment is permitted.