Monte do Alem is located in the western Algarve region of Portugal. The main characteristic of this region and its interest as a wine grape area, is the continuous availability of sunshine during the spring and summer months, tempered by moderate night temperatures from the Atlantic Ocean located nearby.

It is in the heart of this region that Vinciane and Parviz recognized the potential for growing grapes and producing quality wines. In 2000 their dream took root and they planted 6 Hectares of vines. They were convinced that the key to making quality wines was to first of all grow quality grapes and nurse them through their life under strict Biological – Organic conditions. During the long growing season, the vines are watched over on a daily basis for optimal growth and fruit conditions.

For the total respect of the soil and you the consumer, no pesticides, weed killers, nor synthetic chemical agents are ever used at Monte do Alem.

Vinciane and Parviz’ credo is producing healthy grapes from healthy vines to achieve authentic specific wines each with its own character and personality. Their emblem is the Ouroboros to be found on the labels and on the calçada floor of their winery. This emblem serves as a reminder that there is no one truth for the winemaker’s craft, but only a never ending quest for perfection based on the accumulation of knowledge garnered over the centuries man has been making wine.