"Wine is sunlight, held together by water" Galileo


Our own complex blend, A strong, structured and full-bodied wine. After winemaking and ageing in oak casks, the different grape varieties are assembled and it is here that imagination and sensitivity are required, hence this complex blend.

A grape variety which originates from the Bordeaux region. In the Medoc Grands Crus, the Petit Verdot provides a rare and highly sought after wine, rare because it does not reach maturity every year due to late harvest dates often combined with unfavourable weather conditions. Consequently this grape variety is particularly well adapted to the Algarve...

Syrah is difficult to grow and therefore always a challenge. But such a worthwhile reward for the connaisseur.  This is the vine which demands the most care and attention. The optimal temperature range is narrow. The syrah does not tolerate excessive heat nor cold.

Well structured and elegant on the palate dominated by red fruit, our rosé is a summer must have.