Our goal is to make wines from grapes grown under Biological – Organic guidelines. Wines harvested by hand, without acidity correction, without particle precipitation and unfiltered and with only the strict minimum of SO2 added. In other words wines whose consumption are a plus to our health for the natural poly phenols they contain.

Wines which are capable of being kept and aged so that one day we can taste the tertiary aromas released once they have been properly stored. These are the objectives we have set for our enterprise.

Making a quality wine is much more difficult than a mass produced “industrial wine”. The risks are much greater at each step of the process. Wine-master Parviz brings his knowledge and parrticular attention and care every step of the way. And when all of these results are attained, the result is a moment of pure tasting pleasure.

Lively expressive wines which are nurtured through the known processes of wine making and taken to the next level in our quest of wine as an art form.