Petit Verdot

A grape variety which comes to us from the Bordeaux region.

More specifically in the region where the Medoc Grands Crus are produced. This wine is rare and highly sought after since it is a late maturing variety which is not always harvested due to late summer weather related problems. It is therefore particularly well suited for the Algarve and its’ long hot summers. It is the last grape variety to be harvested in the year and usually this is completed by the middle of September in the Algarve.

In the early part of its life, this wine is slightly bitter, and has a hard taste due to a high amount of tannins which diminish as it ages. This is therefore a wine to keep for aging as over time the tannins soften, provide a pleasant aroma, a rich colour and lasts long in the mouth. During the aging process, the Petit Verdot maintains its’ rich fruit flavours. The older it gets, the better it gets. This wine is used whenever possible in blending as it always improves the final blend. This said, at Monte do Alem we also make this wine on its own and it has become a must as a single blend.

What to eat with Petit Verdot?

First of all, never as an apéritif. The bottle should be opened a half hour before consuming to allow air to release the final secrets for a full taste. This is a wine ideal to accompany all kinds of game, meats with sauces, cheeses, and chocolate desserts. In other words festive meals, particularly in winter…