Monte do Além

Monte do Alem is our multiple blend wine.
Cabernet sauvignon 35 %,
Merlot 35 %,
Aragonez 15%,
Syrah 10 %,
Petit Verdot 5%

This is a strong, structured and full-bodied wine bearing a similarity not unlike the winemaker! After the winemaking and aging in oak casks, the various grape varieties are assembled and it is here that Parviz combines his art and imagination to produce a complex and rewarding wine. Since the opening of our winery in 2009, we can now talk about the “art of making wine”.

The Cabernet Sauvignon gives the wine a frank aroma accentuated by a taste of black currant. It is the King of grapes and it dominates this wine. Fortunately the Merlot provides the touch of smoothness, toning down the sharp features of the Cabernet Sauvignon, bringing soft flavours reminiscent of black cherries, chocolate, and even prunes. Finally this blend is completed by the remaining grape varieties providing a rich, concentrated balance of taste throughout the drinking experience.

What to eat with Monte do Alem?

We like to serve it with pâtés of pheasant, duck or rabbit. Also very pleasant with all meats accompanied by sauces, beef stews, quail with red wine sauce or Porto as well as gratins, mushrooms on toast, cheeses and certain desserts.